AVRU2F. An Arduino based u2f implementation on Teensy++ 2.0

I just ported the code from yohanes on github to Teensy++ 2.0 which is AVR based 8 bit MCU. I got this for about 220 THB (The genuine one is selling for 1,200 THB !). I actually get this thing working on some website. you can check kd out here!


Dealing with Teensy 2.0++ clone.

Recently. I just ordered the Teensy 2.0++ except onething. IT’S THE CLONE !. They don’t event have any Thai’s Distributor(s) for selling the teensy (at lease they sell Bus pirate). And I can’t handle with the price of the genuine one also plus with shipping and Import fees. So I decided to buy the clone. I need to do some several test with the board E.G. Electrical connections, power supply and the MCU.
I still worry about the compatibilities.
Because in the official PJRC store has been warning about the fake/clone and it might not works with the “Teensyloader”.
But it’s not the big problem. Because I can still burn the bootloader with the DFU bootloader which is compatible with arduino IDE / Core. So It would takes about nearly month to be arrived. So stay tuned for the next video.

FakeGrayscale : The genius way to display grayscale static image.

Hello everyone. Today I came across for an awesome idea ! I just ordered the GU280x16G-7000. The GU7000 VFD display manufactured by Noritake Itron from this listed item on eBay for about 16 GPB (included shipping to Thailand).

The idea is about displaying grayscale bitmap on the VFD display. My display module use MN28016A VFD chip-in-glass as the display. The MN28016A does’t have feature to display grayscale graphic. But I be able to change the display brightness. It came across a idea about If we can make the display to display the bitmap data as frame(s) and every frame has it own brightness level. that’s mean we combine many frame into one static image by tricking our eyes using persistence of vision method.

Start from the initializing progress in void setup then jump to void loop. This begins the process of FakeGrayscale.Principles

You can check things out more at my github repo.

Sharp 505nm Laser. The exotic wavelength !

Hi.In this post is about the Sharp green laser diode but it’s the green-mint color. I had searched on ebay for the sharp  505nm laser didoe and it returned me for the GH05030C2LM diode.Which is the possitive case.but I want one with the neutral case for diode replacement in my 510nm laserlands pointer.

So I search up in google for the 505nm laser diode.Incidentally I found another diode. it’s GH05035A2G but the store doesn’t has the “Buy now” button  but I need to get FOQ (ask for the price).Instead of that store I went to Alibaba because they have Trade Assurance (Buyer protection,Apply for refund or Open Dispute).

I start to talk with the same seller of previous store.They are very kind and the price of the didoe is resonable.In ebay the cheapest is about $16 but the chinese seller I talk with only selling for $6. So I ordered for two of them and I need to wait for about 10 days from China by ePacket.I hope they don’t scame me and my new wavelength will enter my collection.

Here is the datasheet of GH05035A2G

JJ40 planck- like keyboard review

Yesterday my JJ40 keyboard just arrived. and the pcb itself is very high quality.Gold platted.The SMD components are pre-soldered on the board.

Let me talking about the spec of this keyboard built ! I use cherry MX black genuien from german (from my old WYSE 285 ansi keyboard).The keycaps set from KBDFans for this one .I selected the white keycaps because I would like to add more character later by hand writing to the keycaps.

If you wanna see my built.just click here20190202_124158