The Board arrived ,Uploading… result was …

Hi .after 4 days after the item is shipping to me .today it arrived ! .I start upload the pre-built firmware into the STM32F3 DISCOVERY .but nothing … all led are not cycling … no any tracking informations sent to host (Test with oculus world demo on linux using wine compatible layer to run windows executable program).So I start looking at the code .the I notice that OLED statement (SSD3106write bla bla bla..)is the problem.I try to do the temporary fix by moving the all statement from “while(1)” to outter section of void main .and it works ! .But I dont receive the OLED D: .I think My mom forgot to go to check the incoming (real) mail @ the school (She is teacher).So Im gonna wait for a while to test with OLED ,but the latest code is working .By it sent the tracking data to the host (again, I mean PC ).But the tracking precision is too low .so Im gonna buy a real DK1 hardware -A blue pill board STM32F103C8T6 -MPU6500 and -HMC5983 .the price is around $12 for cheap including the perfboard (prototype board not breadboard).soldering the circuit .The schematic can find in google and search for DK1 github . My forked code is allocated @ :


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