HCMS2000 X ATtiny84

Hi .I have ever played with some VINTAGE intelligent led displays .I have a two of HPDL1414 from HP .1 of VQC10 from germany.And I have every thought to order the “HDSP2000” (From HP) or “HCMS2000″(From Avago) or “HDSP2000LP”(from Infineon or Osram or Siemens) .But I take a look at the datasheet and… they required some of 5 pin to control the collumn + data line & clock line for internal shift registers .first time (year ago)I saw that was hard to coding for me. So I ignored it .untill couple weeks ago .I saw  it on the ebay (with a lot cheaper).So I decided to oprder them along with ATtiny84 .wating the parcle to arrive ~~~

link to the project on github:github.com/TiNredmc/HDSP2000

link to the PCBs for the ATtniy THT and SMD version




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