[Planned] From Alexmos 3rd expansion board to my own BLDC controller !

A few days ago .I found some interesting things on eBay .That is SimpleBGC 8-bit 2 axis RC camera gimbal .And I just realized that the original manufacturer had discontinued on the 8 bit version and replace with the 32bit version instead .Because the STM32 is faster than ATmega + Attiny (both are 8 bit MCU based on RISC architecture.).The special thing of this gimbal is “It support the expansion board for the YAW axis !”.But I just interesting in the expansion board only .because It intergrated with Attiny261A ,Which is designed with Special PWM6 for controlling Brushless Motor (for short BLDC. ) and L6234 STmicroelectronics BLDC driver.

BUT ,EXCEPT ONE THING —-> I haven’t buy the board yet…….

And I have few methods to start with the closed-source controller board ….

1.Reverse the original FW (.hex) of the Mainboard (The 2 axis controller.) By using IDA Pro to disassembly the FW and I’m Still finding for the I2C function…  or

2.Dump the FW from the expansion board ,then use IDA Pro to reverse engineering (Disassembly)

or the best way for who does not event known about assembly like me is 3 .

3.Dump the Firmware from flash ,Back up EEPROM ,and flash the Optiboot bootloader to use with arduino core ,then code everthing by myself ,It will easy for me because I’m mostly similar with the Arduino IDE than Eclipse or Other IDEs.

But I thing I’m gonna do the 3rd method ,because it’s easiest way to do without wasting a lot of time.So the plan is

1.Do like 3rd method

2.COPY the code from BIG THANKS ,HE SAVE MY LIFE and modify for suitable with ATtiny261a

3.test it out ! with my hard drive motor .and I will put the update soon on this web and github !




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