One day experience with Sailfish X

After I tried the NOT linux based like Android but corely linux operation for my Xperia X “Sailfish X” and it hard to say .

It’s not IOS and It’s not Android(Anyway It can run android apps).It is THE Sailfish X alternative os for Xperia X

A 2 year ago, My dad bought me the Xperia X and 7 mount later the Bootloader got unlocked by me (and I still have the DRM.img).but I’m really bored with the Android operation system,I want faster more linux-like and not IOS.the last choice for me is Sailfish X

But Sailfish X will cost me about 50 euros !! that is my received money for every 1 month ! At that price.I can have my first every 4W laser pointer or 1 collection of 405 450 510 639 and 650 laser pointer build !.That’s a lots of money …

Anyway,The 50 euros os can’t against me from finding the free download source.I found the whole image and for linux on Russian forum 4pda

I flashed the os and boot it up.Bamm! it works ! It make me very happy about the installation that I created the jolla account but sadly.The license is tied to the buyer account.that’s mean I can’t use Android Support but I’ll tell you later how can I did that.

after a few minute .setup is completed.I quickly tour around and learn some gestures.Something remind me “Hey Austin,Did you know you would need to install andriod apps,Because you (me) need(s)Facebook’s messenger for communication with friend ! and I know you won’t need to miss the important thing(s)”After I figured out what I need to do.I start searching about install android apps in sailfish os .It’s turn out that the android apps are running in VM called “AlienDalvik” so I know from jolla.together forum about the sailfish is use pkcon to install .rpm package.

So I enable developer mode in settings,set the devel-su password then rush to the Terminal app.I start to type



pkcon refresh ; pkcon update

but I don’t have any aliendalvik.rpm package,So I looked up and found on some thread aswell on jolla.together .The file called “aliendalvik-1.0.82-1.armv7hl.rpm

so I done with

pkcon install-local /path/to/the/file/aliendalvik-1.0.82-1.armv7hl.rpm

after installed I reboot my phone 1 time for sure.After booted I tried first impression with the android app.I install the facebook lite .and it works!

about the google play installation I will cover that later because I’m finished this block at 1 AM …


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