Sharp 505nm Laser. The exotic wavelength !

Hi.In this post is about the Sharp green laser diode but it’s the green-mint color. I had searched on ebay for the sharp  505nm laser didoe and it returned me for the GH05030C2LM diode.Which is the possitive case.but I want one with the neutral case for diode replacement in my 510nm laserlands pointer.

So I search up in google for the 505nm laser diode.Incidentally I found another diode. it’s GH05035A2G but the store doesn’t has the “Buy now” button  but I need to get FOQ (ask for the price).Instead of that store I went to Alibaba because they have Trade Assurance (Buyer protection,Apply for refund or Open Dispute).

I start to talk with the same seller of previous store.They are very kind and the price of the didoe is resonable.In ebay the cheapest is about $16 but the chinese seller I talk with only selling for $6. So I ordered for two of them and I need to wait for about 10 days from China by ePacket.I hope they don’t scame me and my new wavelength will enter my collection.

Here is the datasheet of GH05035A2G


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