FakeGrayscale : The genius way to display grayscale static image.

Hello everyone. Today I came across for an awesome idea ! I just ordered the GU280x16G-7000. The GU7000 VFD display manufactured by Noritake Itron from this listed item on eBay for about 16 GPB (included shipping to Thailand).

The idea is about displaying grayscale bitmap on the VFD display. My display module use MN28016A VFD chip-in-glass as the display. The MN28016A does’t have feature to display grayscale graphic. But I be able to change the display brightness. It came across a idea about If we can make the display to display the bitmap data as frame(s) and every frame has it own brightness level. that’s mean we combine many frame into one static image by tricking our eyes using persistence of vision method.

Start from the initializing progress in void setup then jump to void loop. This begins the process of FakeGrayscale.Principles

You can check things out more at my github repo.


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