Dealing with Teensy 2.0++ clone.

Recently. I just ordered the Teensy 2.0++ except onething. IT’S THE CLONE !. They don’t event have any Thai’s Distributor(s) for selling the teensy (at lease they sell Bus pirate). And I can’t handle with the price of the genuine one also plus with shipping and Import fees. So I decided to buy the clone. I need to do some several test with the board E.G. Electrical connections, power supply and the MCU.
I still worry about the compatibilities.
Because in the official PJRC store has been warning about the fake/clone and it might not works with the “Teensyloader”.
But it’s not the big problem. Because I can still burn the bootloader with the DFU bootloader which is compatible with arduino IDE / Core. So It would takes about nearly month to be arrived. So stay tuned for the next video.


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