Install QEMU 4.0 on Xperia X (jolla sailfish) with nix 2.0

Hello everyone. greeting from TinLethax after long time no see. in this post is about to run QEMU 4.0 on my Xperia X which is currently running linux ( The Jolla’s sailfish os). First of all you need to installed the ” sudo ” for sailfish os ( you can do this by just search in google).  Then run this command as nemo ( normal user).

curl | sh

after this. exit your terminal and then get in again. Then type

nix-shell -p qemu

nix will download the latest pre-compiled binaries for aarch64 (our cpu architecture ;D). then the teminal hostname and user will change to the green ” nix-shell ” text. next thing you need to do to permanently create the symlinks is

nix-env -i qemu

It’s took a while to symlinked everything. Then you try to exit the nix shell session by invoke


the you’ll back to nemo session. type


then press tab button until the terminal listed all executable ” qemu ” stuffs including the i368 and x86_64 emulator !

after this don’t forget to add -v :your_port at the end of option of the qemu before your launch because wayland / X is not supported for this case we need the vnc viewer. I my case I use the vnc viewer running on android container (alien) .


2 thoughts on “Install QEMU 4.0 on Xperia X (jolla sailfish) with nix 2.0

  1. hello, in my case installation stopped with an error at some point after i ran command ‘nix-shell -p qemu’ and when i re-run the command it says no space left on device, which i still have 16gb’s. could you please help me how to proceed? thanx.


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