Project Aut0rient. Integrate gyro in to the laptop’s display to detect the orientations

I’ve an idea if I can auto rotate my laptop screen like the 2 in 1 pc or the tablet pc. and I remember that I can personalize my ATECC508A through the i2c bus on my VGA port ! I also detect the i2c channel call “panel” by i2cdetect (part of i2ctools on linux). I though that’s the address of EEPROM* chip in my laptop’s display. The plan is

  1. tear down entire display to get to the display panel
  2. locate the EEPROM* chip and find the pinout
  3. jam the MPU6500 gyro sensor into the same i2c line with the EEPROM
  4. put everything back together
  5. coding

after these steps. I will use the linux driver and the code from someone on Github ( did made for beaglebone) combine with my code and use ” system(xrandr and other options);” to invoke the xrandr to rotate the screen.

Note : this is the concept. might works only on linux because the kernal and driver is very friendly to me ( not like the windows) so the code will compiled to be binary and run this as the start.

*EEPROM contain INFOs about the display like resolutions and other stuffs like manufacture code, product number, serial number.


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