TI-82 calculator !

Yesterday (2020/2/2) I received my Graphing calculator from Denmark , but that is not t he point. It’s TI-82 calculator. The USER-FRIENDLIER TI-85. Although, the online world in 2020 still lack of the useful Information and modification, But I found on the ticalc and someone made the TI-link compatible cable (Black link compatible) and someone had jammed the EL backlight for illuminating the screen !, So in think 2 months of vacation, I would like to make it better by adding EL backlight and made my own TI-link the linking cable ! and here is a bit of some photos I took.

So I will put some link down below for the PCBs order link from OSHpark. (Will include github repo as well on that link)

SerialLink (My TI-link clone)



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