STM8L template updates!

I’ve made some update to the stm8L template, The updates including

  • USART is working ! with the example code !!!
  • Also made the configurable USART speed in usart_init();
  • I added my new little library call “dev_id” for reading Device Unique ID (according to datasheet), as well as example code
  • I also ported the TIM4 delay and made example (the delay with TIM4 originally coded by Shawon Shahryiar on This delay will soon replace original delay. This one way more precise (soon will make one compatible with external clock source)
  • added LEDring code, soon will replace the AVRingLED project.
  • changed the CPU speed to 16MHz at default

I will made more update (Incuding Hardware SPI , I2C, BEEP and some IrDA (SIR) Things! So please calm down and wait me done my stuff. I won’t make you disappointed 😀

Link goes here 


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