Back-lit TI-82 is done !

Hi guys, I’ve been working for several days, And now it working !

Originally, I plan to use (and should use) the 560uH inductor. but due to COVID-19 outbreak. It cause most of economy shipping companies to slow the process down. All of the parts arrived fine except the inductor (which is suppose to arrive first but not).


So I need to find the inductor that not less than 560uH, and luckily found one. the 1mH. Technically should be store energy mush more than the 560uH, but it uses for voltage boosting, So it works fine.

Then I build up the things, soldering everything together on the PCB. ( Also I got fake HV823 !).



And Everything works fine ! Here I connected to the DC-DC booster from 5 volt to 9 volt and it very bright !!!!


after gone through many process (both off and on camera). Everything seems fine until now 😀 (Note that ripple effect caused by camera, In person is flicker-free).


some Reflection reveal the tape I used to stick the EL panel with LCD together, as well as the soldering spot on the EL panel.


After reach this part, It mean that this time I’m typing, the project is done and still in process of video making.


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