SHARP Memory LCD with STM32F3

For anyone who already own this display and having stm32 in-hand. I’m appreciate to get help from you testing the driver.

Recently, I came across the display that I’ve been waiting to buy since last year. It’s SHARP Memory Display. I first saw this on WaveShare AliExpress store and it was 128×128 pixels (iirc) up for selling for about $20 including breakout board with Vreg and Logic level converter. I almost buy one of that for just $18 (11/11 discount). I googled for the data sheet but suddenly found other mem lcd but with different resolution. Two things I did is grab the part number and search for datasheet on google and search for listing on AliExpress. Then I came across with one of the display that seems to fit the “Pocket PC” project since I already own 2 Lichee pi nanos that are capable of running Linux

The one that I went with is LS027B7DH01. The Digikey is selling for $28.52, which is pricey to me. But fortunately found the cheaper one on AliExpress. And it seems to has a good review for it. So I grab one off for just 14 Bucks (Discounted) plus FREE SHIPPING (YAY, trackable too).

I already made the driver / controller code for my stm32f3 discovery board. but It should work with other board (Tweaks needed). Plus I’m start using “git” command line and GUI very seriously.

All the things I left to do is to buy some 0.5mm 10 pin FPC breakout board for connecting up the display and test it. Probably arrive next year…

Here are what you wanted
The Driver :
The Listing :


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