Wac0m RifOff BLE get upgraded!

Previously, I used crappy power bank circuit as battery charger. But for some W3iRd reason the battery drain so quick even I turned the switch to “off”. I decided to thrown away that circuit and replace with cheap Chinese battery charger + Fuel Gauge. YES, Fuel gauge. But this time not the BQ27541 but rather it’s MAX17043. The far cheaper and simpler fuel gauge. But beware that cheap Chinese clone are out there. Mine is probably one of them (that works). I recommend you to get from Sparkfun that guarantee to work (at the time of writing, It’s currently out of stock, Sh!t chip shortage).

I began with searching the library for the MAX17043 and came up with this one from porrey over GitHub or Arduino Library manager. It works just fine with the nRF51 core. Next is to assembly the whole thing together.

I (kind of) put everything together, glue ’em up and did some testing for 5 hours with the code until it works.

looks crappy but it’s working. I have a plan to tidy things up and there are 2 gpios left that I might add the panasonic rotary encoder to this project. I would be something really nice !


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