Reverse engineering Blackberry Passport Keyboard pinout part 2

A while after the keyboard arrived, PCB also arrived couple days later. Which it means that I can finally solder the connector to the PCB, Did some pin header soldering and hook up to Arduino for Pin scanning.

The footprint pads are long enough that I can just solder it with drag soldering.

After I soldered the connector to the board as well as the pin headers. It’s time to connect the Keyboard to the connector. Spoiler alert, The connector is the same used in BB Q10 keyboard. BM14B(0.8)-24DS-0.4V(53)

Connected perfectly.
A closer look at the connector.

Before show you the (messy) setup, Here’s the pinout and orientation that I was used and will be using throughout this reverse engineering project.

Pinout, orientation refer to the previous images.

Everything was set. And it’s time to probe. I borrow Arduino Mega 2560 from my friend for this project, since it has got a bunch of I/Os and so easy to use that I don’t need to bother to setup STM32 project file to just do keyboard scanning.

Quite a bit messy

I be able to identify some of the buttons on the scanning matrix. This is the code if you want to play with or modify to use with other keypad. But after further digging, I mean I really dig into it :

This is where the touch magic happened. Right under the plastic key caps, there’s a flex PCB act as one side of capacitor coupling with human finger, just like ordinary touchscreen and touchpad. But with a little more distancing from finger.

I accidentally tore the Flat flex near the connector side of the Keyboard. This rendered the keyboard (almost) useless to probe. No hesitate, I decided to take it apart. Digging more and did some probing. I came up with almost complete pin mapping of the Keyboard and Synaptics module pinout, the Backlight LED will be probed later :

after probed with multimeter in continuity check mode. I came up with this
Under the hood, There’s Flex PCB glued to the metal housing. The tactile feeling came from the metal dome (?) button

So far, I be able to probe only ~70-80%. After I got new keyboard, gonna have some update very soon.


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