OSHpark 3.5mil on 4 layers board | tested

I got in touch with Chris from OSHpark after I didn’t receive my board (iCEStamp1k). It turned out that the 3.5mil on 2 layers board is really unreliable. I had a conversation about the OSHpark capability and Chris was very kind to support me to test the 3.5mil (and 2.5mil) on 4 layers board

The result was surprising. 3.5mil came out just fine. My 3 board (iCEStamp1k) came out and has absolutely no manufacturing defect.

Macro shot at the BGA pads
All three boards assembled and ready to use

Now, I finally made my very first FPGA module. And there’ll be one more module and two more FPGA breakout boards coming up. Stay tuned. See ya!


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