KiCAD on Android (maybe)stable method .

Yo guys.Welcome back to another post of TinLethax .Today I had some specially thing to show you for “KiCAD on Android” .And the advantage is “you dont need to root your android” but root user also work well (like me).

So let start at first .Install app call ” Debian Noroot” on google play .NOTE you must been on amdroid 4 or later . your devices must use Arm or x86(e.g. Intel Atom like my zenfon 2) ram at lease 2gb for good .internal installation only.the app can’t move to external sd .required space is 900MB .

Second when you start the your phone on the flat surface for calibrating your gyrosopce sensor . After calibration in your display willshow the extraction progress % of the task .then the app display the (maybe) log of installation progress. When successfully it will display the screen resolution and font size .If you wish to change the resolution (downscale only) or font size (mine use x0.8)  after done this the screen will show the loading screen (green fonts) .it might take some minute after all you can get to the debian compatible layer .

the last .use your screen like laptop touchpad . Drag your mouse to click on the “Root Terminal” the terminal should appear up the the green font to invoke keyboard press your back key of your navigation bar (softkey or hardkey) then type

apt-get update

hit enter then wait untill its complete its job .next type in the terminal

apt-get install kicad

also hit the enter then wait untill its complete .The type


so now .you are ready to launch the kicad .By drag mouse curser to the top left corner .Its has the menu button . the tap the screen one time to click menu button then drag mouse to the sub-menu call “Development” then click .the another sub-menu appear .drag mouse and click at “KiCAD” then enjoy.Screenshot_20181019-163135Screenshot_20181022-161104Screenshot_20181019-163053Screenshot_20181019-163055





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