Reverse engineering Blackberry Passport Keyboard pinout part 3

Couple days ago the keyboard is finally arrived YAY! Anyway This time I be able to probe all of the keyboard matrix scan and came up with the latest matrix map :

For now. I’m focus on LED pinout that I still confused about their connection configuration of the diodes. I came up with (probably inaccurate) pinout. As there’re some pin conflict going on :

UPDATE 2022/jul/25: Each row has LEDs on left and right side. They both shared same cathode pin (-). LEDs on left and right side have separated anode. Pin 20, 21 and 24 are cathode(-) pin for row 1 2 and 3. And pin 7 and 22 are anode(+) pin for left and right side LEDs.

LEDs configuration like this :

About the Synaptics Touch controller IC. I haven’t made any further progress yet. :


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